0016 . Multi



+ What is that ? +

  77 What ? 77

They were nearing a corner  , as they were about a few hundred feet in the sky , surrounded by spires of the buildings , she questioned Taut.Cise .

  + That ! +

77 the connected seams about and around the buildings … ? 77

+  Yes! Why are there … such … differences ? … connecting ? +

77 In our world , living breathing schemata , as you had known , you could not ‘see’ that . But in our realm , the designations to our mainframe , these magnifications are our worth , came, free of charge 77

+ An outright tech companions !? +

77 No …. not companions … but .. How do I say this … all the stuff that is man made has a history attached to them at all times as you probably know that as a fact . Historical.Magnets … to which we here dearly call these magnetism , letrik.electik 77

+ … and  currents of these eclecticism had been wired in this reality , like klik.konnect ?! +

77 Yes … don’t jump the gun though … why don’t we perch ourselves there for a sec and take a better look ? 77

Daria found it really hard to float downward as to upwards . Spiralling down out of control , almost like , really about to losing it …

77 Going up .. Yes you can go as crazy as you want … when we were human , it’s the euphoria’s expectation . Follow my lead … focus on my yellow trails … 77

As they were passing through the tall buildings , Daria noticed large ,  4.4 toss.square of silver clamps on the bridges between the buildings .



77 what you’ve seen there , the clamps , are the ‘ changes ‘ of power in the history of building structures … complete life history of the architects and the laborers … automatically in references to when it was designed and built . From the bottom , to up … the workers , builders .. architects , their changes of power if there were any …  77



 + changes of power … ? +

77 It’s irrelevant in the world that we left when we were transfered here … but in this world , energy and power , the history of it , matter much  .. The Man that Decided and Formed with His Hands , is all the inter~connectivity that built Illu.Schema concept right in the very  beginning . The whom , to the very make of his personality are practically automatically recorded in the clamps … mostly they were too much of the same thing .. But sometimes .. When you go back to how it all began , and from who … the what … well , it gets pretty ……. accurate … In other words , lights and energy of the time of what we called the past , has more meaning in this realm 77

+ … Amazing ! +

77 I know … these all came with the blue printing , automatically existed , because of the Hexa.Sync….Pretty ain’t it ? 77

They perched .

+ Shades upon shades , colors ….  oh my ! +

Daria looked closely . Integrated peaks of tones , colors  in small tubes , hundreds going through into the larger tubes , clamped , static history revealing it’s core in other forms of media .
+ but it’s in that lost language ….+

77 yes , the written tive.Ngost language ,THE Lost Language , developed by and for our understanding to the beloved capable animal species , perfected for our scientific reflections . The scientists as you probably know has adopted the Multi.Lay.Alphas to the tive.Ngost in their schematics , this system however flourished automatically in here since the statistics  has to be in the scopes of best capable living matters to Hexa.Sync . Sadly though . All these are not to our possibilities . We are simply , mostly . not in the range 77

+ I read that before … where when we were the failures , to that we are a guarantee in succeeding into our progressive … Vung.MaxSplat +

77 yea , sure but MaxSplat was also who can’t decide having the transition from four wheelers to hovercrafters back then , close remote islands to each other still to these days , the islanders  scratched their head , 200 years later , is this the man , that wrote  ; Progressive in Righteousness is the only way ? … 77

+ he is the founder , Still.Life.Salt , no ? +


77 Co-founder … he was too busy in politic before we had these opportunities . Only few decades ago and to think that they were still in the dark ages . Imagine that . 77

They perched silently . The view was dramatic in the setting sun .
Just like fields of barley … you can ‘ see ‘ the changes even though the color is of the same shade , Daria quietly thought .

How thorough technology is , just making sure that we are not swayed by emotions , especially ones that has wronged us before . Trial and errors in technology sets humanity back always further than any human beings could ever do to themselves . Different mathematics … in circuits … the addition always to have a purpose , or else , it would simply putting on unnecessary ‘weights’ and plans  , but in humanity’s humanity into the idea , the mathematic is much simpler . It’s a matter of percentage-ing the many percentages back into a simple number .


Daria mused , here goes to percentages in the o.kean programming . It scares her so . It’s not that it is beyond hope … but it’s the calculation that has nowhere to revert to … new designations have to be re-invented literally out of almost impossible compounds to re – create , at the very least , breathe-able , edible composites for the many species in and for two generation from now , for instance .
Re~innnovating upon innovations of the past is a bitch ! , Daria silently thought of Munch.ka .

That fast swallow ! , and the thought of Munch.ka made her ‘ smiled ‘ .

The calculation was correct , the billing’s too soon , for it is in time … but none of the raw resources to pay it with , the crystals were emitting strange shade of colors  , something is wrong , responsible for the change , but what is it ?

The Towards City , gleamed in it’s stance . The city that housed Hexa.Sync beginnings poised proudly as Daria and Taut.Cise made their way ahead .

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